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A Mini Player for iTunes with Skins Hotkeys Lyrics and More!

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Complete your iTunes experience with SkiniTunes. For the first time ever you can jam with iTunes in style!  Customize SkiniTunes with downloadable skins from our ever growing online skin library. Dare to be different and unique download SkiniTunes now.

SkiniTunes is an iTunes controller application that will enhance your experience with iTunes. With SkiniTunes you will enjoy your choice of two compact skinnable players and a track pop-up window that includes song information album art and track rating on the fly!

Now you can master multi-tasking with our highly customizable Global Hotkeys that allow you to control your music from within any application.

Sing along with your favorite artist by allowing SkiniTunes to download song lyrics automatically to your computer. Downloaded lyrics can even be saved to your iTunes library for syncing to your iPod or iPhone.

Show off your music to the world  with SkiniTunes Windows Live Messenger integration. SkiniTunes will automatically change your Windows Live Messenger display picture to the album artwork of the song you're currently listening to! Combine this with the Windows Live Messenger  "Show what I'm listening to" feature and you will have your friends drooling all over music collection. Learn more
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PCWorld Reviewed
Rated 4.5 stars at SnapFiles
"4.5 Star Rating"
Softonic - Rated Outstanding

This is just a great piece of software! I like it very much. Especially the pop-up window and the lyrics search are very, very cool! Four (or more) thumbs up!
Christian - Germany
My iTunes Lryics are automatically downloaded and saved, even on my iPhone.
ChillPhill - United Kingdom
SkiniTunes features an eye-catching customizable interface that displays all the information you need.
Elena Santos - Softonic
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